My brother, William Walker (back) and SGT Holden Hughes.

My brother, William Walker (back) and SGT Holden Hughes.

early last sunday morning, june 2nd, a mississippi soldier’s life ended way too soon.   after returning from 400 days in afghanistan and being promoted to E-5 Sergeant, Holden Hughes of brandon was killed in a senseless act of violence.  holden, a long time family friend, had a smile and zest for life that was infectious.  his two loves were music and being a soldier in the united states army.  to honor him, we would like to make a donation in his memory to the CJ Stewart Foundation.

the CJ Stewart Foundation is raising money to buy a 193 acre camp – formerly known as camp kickapoo – to serve as the home of down range.  down range is an outdoor adventure camp to help youth develop character traits and life skills by learning to overcome challenges.  located in clinton, with three lakes, campsites, hiking trails and more, the CJ Stewart Foundation and down range hope to make a huge difference in the lives of Mississippi’s youth. to learn more about CJ Stewart and his foundation, visit

this week, we will donate all proceeds from our tabata classes as well as take up donations at hill runs and any other group activities.  (to sign up for our newsletter with our weekly events, scroll to the bottom of the page and join our email list.)

UPDATE (6/17/13):  today we mailed a check to the CJ Stewart Foundation for $307.  thank you to everyone who helped us honor our friend, SGT holden hughes.

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