The Costs Involved in Making Custom Military Coins

Making custom military coins is an industry that is steadily on the rise. These coins have risen in popularity and the demand that this popularity has created led to the growth of the custom coin minting industry.

Custom coins have been around for quite some time now. However, some people do not have a real clue of where they came from. The real story is a mystery to most people as are the costs involved in making these coins.

military coinsMaking custom coins is not as easy or simple as some people might think. A lot of time, effort and capital are necessary to make these custom coins. Below is a breakdown of some of the costs involved in running a business for making custom military coins.

The cost of the metals

The first thing that should really concern people is the cost of the metal. The price of custom coins often fluctuates because of the price of the metals used in the production process. Market prices for certain metals tend to fluctuate rapidly, while others are often on the rise, albeit at a steady pace such as the case with gold.

A corollary to this is that the cheaper metals lower the costs of production. This is the reason why many people turn to zinc alloy when they order their own batch of custom coins.

Some manufacturers skirt this issue by outsourcing the production process abroad. This way, the cost of raw materials, such as the metals used in making custom military coins, is a lot cheaper.

The machines involved in making the coins

Another major cost in making custom coins is the machines needed to produce them. Making these items requires specialized equipment. One does not just take the metal and place it into a boiling pot to let it melt and simmer for a few minutes.
The oven and billets are used to melt metal and turn them into metal sheets. These metal sheets are then put through the blanking press. The blanking press is the machine that gives the coin the desired shape. After the blanking press comes the minting press.

The minting press is the machine responsible for giving custom military coins their details. To better distinguish the two, the blanking press cuts out the coin’s shape while the minting press is what gives the coin the illustrations, logo, or words if there are any.

There are other various pieces of equipment needed to put the finishing touches on a coin. Some of them give the coin the color and the shine that customers are looking for.

The people who work the machines and paint the coins

Machines would be useless if there are not enough people to run them. People should undergo training and familiarize themselves with the equipment that they use.

Finding people like these tends to cost money since only a few received enough training or have enough knowledge regarding the process of producing custom coins.

Aside from the people who run the machines, there are also those who design the coins. It is not unusual for custom coin makers to have their own design team. Many coin makers often hire artists to help their customers design the ideal coin for them.

An artist’s fee depends largely on his or her own input and the complexity of his or her work. The more difficult and wonderful the work is, the higher their pay.

Delivering the coins

The final cost involved in making custom coins is of course delivery. The coin manufacturers themselves often handle the delivery charges. This is especially true for those who have their coins made by local manufacturers of custom military coins.

Great Uses of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are great embellishments to coats, vests, bags, and other items of clothing. They are used to provide additional detail and other purposes. These embellishments are more than just accessories to clothing. Here are some of the great ways how people make use of these embroidered embellishments.

Decorative Purposes

Patches are often added to a garment to provide more detail and distinction. They are great in decorating a simple piece of clothing to make it more stylish and fashionable. Additionally, an embroidered patch, especially a statement patch, is one way of expressing creativity and individuality.

The primary use of an embroidered patch is to enhance a material’s appearance. Most fashion items – such as jeans, bags, and coats – are embellished with patches for decorative purposes.

Function and Distinction

Putting a patch in an important item of clothing, like a uniform, creates greater distinction to it. The addition of a patch will increase the uniform’s functionality in determining who or what the wearer of the uniform is. This is certainly true with uniforms for students, police officers, soldiers, and employees of different companies.The patch on a uniform will provide distinction to a generic type of clothing.


PatchesThe use of patches also contributes in the world of business. The brand of a certain product or business can be emblazoned into various types of materials through a patch. It could serve as a way to advertise the business or product. Additionally, the use of a patch is a highly effective manner to boost branding.

Giveaways to Marketing Events

Aside from branding, patches could also be used as giveaways to various marketing events – product launch, PR events, fundraisers, and others. They are ideal gifts to those who attended your marketing event. This is simply because a brand patch is will showcase your business and product. You can put your brand logo, or even your brand tag line.

The use of embroidered patch as a giveaway will be a unique gift to cap off your marketing event. Your business will definitely stand out for those who attended your event.

Commemorative Pieces

An embroidered patch will make a great commemorative piece to mark a special milestone – either for personal or business use. It is a fun and artistic way of commemorating a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Businesses use commemorative pieces to mark an important event for the company. Either a boost in sales or the company’s anniversary, the business would celebrate it and release a commemorative piece, such as an embroidered patch, to mark this significant phase of the business. It is also the company’s way of thanking its clients and customers.

PatchA commemorative patch can also be used for personal reasons. A wedding anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday can be remembered through a personalized patch. You can incorporate the date of the event in the patch to make it more special. Whether you have an intimate family gathering or a big party, a personalized patch is a great souvenir to give away to your guests. It will help your guests to remember how much fun they had from your party.


While announcements are better made in banners, the use of a patch as an announcement is both unique and less costly. A personalized patch for announcements is a more stylish way to get your message across. Instead of banners, signs, postcards, or posting an announcement on social media, why not make your own patch to announce an important message?

Announcements made through a patch often include birth announcements. Usually, a birth announcement patch is a cute way of telling your family and friends about the birth of a new member of the family. You can add the patch in a scrapbook to commemorate your child’s birth. It is one way of treasuring this special moment., we use only the best materials and manufacturing techniques, and we never skimp on quality.We’ll use that experience to design some great-looking embroidered patches to your exact specifications!