photo-13welcome to liveRIGHTnow!

our company mission statement is to create and support a healthier population through services and products that are focused on local business and agricultural development and environmentally friendly practices.

by visiting our website you have made a decision to change the way you live – you are ready to start living RIGHT, RIGHT now!

the liveRIGHTnow program consists of weekly consultations, personal training sessions and a lifestyle plan.  everyone’s experience will be different but the results will be the same –  you will learn how to lose weight and keep it off by discovering a balanced life both physically and mentally.  our philosophy is that less is more, and we practice this by focusing on a few proven principles and simplifying vs. complicating the process.

our main focus is on individuals that have struggled with  being overweight and obese and are looking for a sustainable solution.  space is very limited, but everyone that fills out the survey will be contacted as soon as possible.  good luck and get ready to liveRIGHTnow!

services are currently available in Mississippi.