our services are personalized to meet your needs.   the first meeting- which is free- is simply to discuss your personal goals and the assistance and support you need to reach those goals.  our promise to you is that we offer individualized, one-on-one services at a very affordable price.  we want you to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle over the long term.  we are not selling yearly contracts.

we also offer other more specific packages such as…

FIRST 5k: we have helped several of our clients participate in their first 5k and reach their goal in as little as six weeks.  as the summer is upon us, now is a great time to pick out a race and start training.  we will begin by teaching you proper running mechanics, then engage in one-on-one core, balance and flexibility training all while conducting weekly practice runs.  a running schedule leading up to the race will also be provided.  (Prices vary.)

TOUR DE GROCERY STORE:  do you ever feel overwhelmed at the grocery store trying to shop for healthy foods for you and your family?  let us take you on a grocery store tour and show you some tricks of not only what to buy but how to shop.  it only takes a couple of hours but the tips you learn will stay with you every time you go back.  ($50)

TABATAS:  1 class for $10 or 6 classes for $50
Tuesdays at Butterfly Yoga studio at 5:15pm
Fridays at Butterfly Yoga studio at 12 noon.

TABATAS on the green will resume in the spring of 2014.
Meet at the green space at Duling Avenue and Old Canton Road. ($5)

BA BOOTCAMP:  multiple times, multiple locations, one low price.  with as many as 10 different sessions each week, you can attend ANY or ALL for 4 weeks.  for registered participants only.
for more info and registration, click HERE.

HILL RUNS:  Mondays and Fridays at 6pm. (no charge)

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:  have terry speak to your club, business or community.   terry often speaks on the topic of obesity in mississippi and his journey into the health and fitness world.  specifically, he discusses some of the issues that face the state of mississippi and offers a first-hand perspective on how one’s health can thrive in the magnolia state.  (rates vary)